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Pension Provider Tender

Using a professional pension firm to tender for a provider can dramatically increase the likelihood of procuring fit for purpose provision, which delivers good member outcomes. GJH Pensions are close to the pensions market, and are well placed to critically assess both the benefits and disadvantages of each provider.   

Pension Provider Tender

Industry knowledge demonstrates a tendency for employers to 'stick' with their current pensions provider, and not review the quality of their employees savings vehicle. Such approach will likely result in your staff not getting value for money.

We have examples of successful negotiation with regards to reducing the proposed Annual Management Charge (AMC) offered by providers'. Indeed, we rarely take the first price at face value, and 'play off' each provider in an attempt to tease out a counter offer.

GJH Pensions are not affiliated to any particular pension provider, which means we can offer a truly independent service - thus putting you at the epicentre of everything we do.'

Let GJH Pensions help you search the market to ensure your employees get the best deal they fully deserve.

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