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Financial Wellbeing

A comprehensive financial wellbeing strategy is important for both the employee and employer.

An employee distracted by money matters could adversely affect their holistic wellbeing which, in turn, may lower productivity and impact your company’s bottom line.  

Financial wellbeing is an important employee benefit that can deliver many advantages:

  • Reduced sick days. 
  • Increased productivity and improved bottom line. 
  • Reduced employee money-related stress, anxiety and / or depression.
  • An employee benefit truly valued by employees.
  • An improved work environment.

 GJH Pensions can support your organisation make a real difference to employee financial wellbeing through:

  • Surgeries with a qualified IFA.
  • Workshops.
  • Support with financial technology.

Get in contact to understand how we could help your business thrive with a money savvy workforce.


Kirsten Naude - Business Consultant at GJH PensionsKirsten Naudé is Business Consultant at GJH Pensions. 

With extensive business development experience, working with a diverse client base, Kirsten understands the importance of providing a bespoke service to each organisation. Kirsten supports organisations with business efficiency, income generation, partnership development and cost reduction. Also, Kirsten helps her clients design and implement products using creative solutions to maximise efficiency and engagement.

A multi-award winner in her field, Kirsten is proficient in the business to business market and has extensive experience in identifying, and delivering, strategic opportunities for stellar cross-sector clients. Kirsten has worked with third and private sector organisations to develop end-to-end social investment opportunities, making her one of a handful of professionals with this expertise in the country.